Wait! I'll Eat That is about more than a mission to eat everything and give you advice. If you've ever said, "Wait! I'll eat that," you were probably trying to rescue food from destruction or waste, and that's an important part of what we do at the blog, here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. The name itself implies a sense of urgency and a sense of preservation, something that should be included in our shared love of food.

For many of us, food is easy to come by. For many others, that's not the case.

Here, we talk about ways to use things we can easily grab at any grocery store at any time. What if it wasn't that easy for you, though? What if the questions you asked about food weren't, "What can I do with these fresh vegetables?" or, "Can we use all this milk before it goes bad?"

What if you were asking, "Will I be able to afford fresh vegetables this month?" or, "Is milk still drinkable if I water it down?"

As just another part of our celebration of food, consider giving to one of these organizations or link up with them to help out.

This list will grow, and I welcome any suggestions of groups you care about. This list is only a fraction of the wonderful organizations out there empowering people through access to food so they can start asking, "What's for dinner tonight?"