Cupcakes, Cracker Jacks, and eating from a frisbee: What I’ll miss when I move to DC later this month

My move to DC has come up on Instagram a couple times since the wheels started turning, but I haven’t had the time to give any background or context.

In short, I’ve finally found my way to Washington for more than a couple days at a time! After over a year of looking, I’ve accepted a job in DC that will allow me to live in a great part of town, get rid of my vehicle and walk everywhere I need to go, and–most importantly–use my many degrees to work toward social justice on several fronts. Technically, I suppose I’m mostly promoting the social justice work of others, but I am going to get my hands dirty as much as I can, too.

I have so many plans! I don’t mean just the work-related things, either. There are about a dozen food and charity projects I want to get into, but I’m going to take a couple months to adapt to this new life because it’s monumentally different from what I’ve been doing for the last several years. We’ll get to all that along the way.

So many things are changing right now, though. Instead of committing my time and resources to several sources of income and development, I’m committed fully to this one job (even though I’ll still be teaching online, but that’s become as natural as bathing, eating, or sleeping after all these years). Instead of shoveling money into an aging vehicle that gets embarrassingly bad gas mileage, I’m going to walk the 12 minutes from home to work (or duck into Metro on the particularly unsavory days). Instead of being Hell-brand hot for 10 months of the year and only a little warm for the other two, I might get to experience a change in season once in a while. Instead of sharing space with strangers (or family, which is better but still means limited privacy), I’ll be in my own (TINY!!!) apartment above the city with my dog. Instead of doing the same old things, I have a massive geographical area to conquer–not to mention access to cheap transportation and a wealth of fun cities within less than a day’s drive (I’M COMIN’ FOR YA, BOSTON!). Instead of hordes of people who go back generations in the same area and only a sprinkling of confused newbies, I’ll be amongst people from every corner of the world with every variety of background story and flavor of wisdom to offer.

And that’s just the non-food related things to be excited about…We’ll cover that another time.

Today, I wanted to focus on what I’ll miss in the Pensacola area. Despite being more than ready for the Mid-Atlantic life, there are some things here (besides my family) that will call me to return for an occasional visit.

It’s no secret I don’t love it here. Truth be told, though, it’s probably because I grew up around here. Pensacola is not a bad place; it’s just a bit slow for what I want right now. It’s beautiful and passionate, and people commit to the culture. It’s just not for me. At the same time, there is really great food here and some groups doing really great things. I will still keep up with Dawn and Carol after I leave and report back to you about their awesome work, and I’ll keep in touch with Manna Food Pantries to help spread their mission, too. I will never forget the view at the Fish House in Pensacola (gotta go one more time before I leave), and I’ll remember the most divine cupcakes ever known to man and a pretty awesome sandwich from McKinely’s in Milton.


This view from the Fish House reminds me why people like to move to Florida.


This mandarin orange cupcake descended straight from heaven.

Flights, flights, flights, flights!

I don’t do shots, but I DO love a good beer flight. Let’s run through the ones I’ll miss from around here.

McGuire’s Irish Pub. I wish this was clearer, but it was taken a few years ago.


Pensacola Bay Brewery. Hi, Dusty. I’ll always remember this one as one of the more dog friendly places in town. I greatly appreciate that. Great local beers with a limited selection so they can focus on making what they DO offer as high quality as they can. You can tour the brewery, too.


World of Beer. Yeah, I know they exist in the Mid-Atlantic area, but there is not one close enough to me. I guess I’ll have to settle for…oh, the many other good places around me. I’ll still miss this place, though. Great memories from this one in Pensacola.



Of course I’ll also miss Wahoos games, but sorry, guys, I’m trading up for the Nats. Even so, the stadium in Pensacola still ranks in my top 5. Beautiful facility. If you’re ever in Northwest Florida, seriously make it a point to catch a game. The food is FANTASTIC, and it’s a bit of a shame I didn’t get out there for one last round. See, they do something very cool. For each homestand, they theme a concession item after the visiting team. It ranges from basic (like the upcoming chicken tenders; see below)

Photo courtesy of the Blue Wahoos Facebook page

…to bizarre (like the time I had chicken and waffles where the chicken was breaded in cracker jacks and the whole thing was drizzled with a maple honey mustard sauce), but it is ALWAYS good.

Chicken and waffles breaded in Cracker Jack’s is a WAY better idea than you might think.


When the Montgomery Biscuits¬†(the answer is, “yes, that is their name”)¬†came to town, naturally they served fried chicken biscuits. Another time, the Shuckers (another winner, right?) (Biloxi) stopped in for a few games, and the menu featured, well, read this:

This one was quite good. Take a look.

Photo courtesy of Blue Wahoos Facebook page.

One more for good measure. I wish I’d taken a picture of this one because it was my all time favorite from them. The fries were, however, unnecessary, as they often are with many meals. Just a LOT of extra calories. In any case, these three little sandwiches were equally AWESOME. I really can’t believe I can’t find a picture of these. I’m going to keep at it. There has to be one. Why wouldn’t someone document this awesomeness? Why didn’t I document it?

Not to mention, several times, I was served my meal on a frisbee or in a batting helmet. When else can you use a frisbee or helmet as a dinner plate and not get at least at LITTLE side-eye from people? Think I’m kidding? Go to a game. Order the special.

Or take this photo as proof.


I may think of a few more things I’ll miss when I leave, but I know I can always come back. My family will still be here for the foreseeable future so I can swing down if, for some weird reason, I run out of things to do in DC.

Before I leave, though, we’re planning a bit of a farewell tour so look out for those posts on Instagram soon!